Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Murdered for not Wearing Hijab

Today in Mississauga, a 16-year-old girl was apparently murdered yesterday by her father because she wouldn't wear the hijab. "She was really into fashion" her friend described her, as I believe most teenage girls are. However, being like most girls wasn't good enough for Aqsa Parvez's father Muhammed, it seems:
Friends of Aqsa Parvez said she feared for her life in the days prior to her murder.

The 16-year-old Applewood Heights Secondary School student was strangled on Monday morning inside her family's Longhorn Trail home.

Friends of the teen say she feared for her life and had been embroiled in a cultural dispute with family members in the weeks before her death.
The victim's 26-year-old brother, Waqas Parvez, is charged with obstructing police.
The News spoke with several students at Applewood today. They said their friend, known by those close to her as "Axe," feared her father and had argued with him over her desire to shun the hijab, a traditional shoulder-length head scarf worn by females in devout Muslim families.
Carla Gianetti said Parvez's father imposed several restrictions on his daughter, all in the name of religion.
The Canadian Press has room for Mohamed Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress (the now infamous Mark Steyn persecutors): "I don't want the public to think that this is really an Islamic issue..." Strange comment, seeing that this was apparently done in the "name of religion", that being Islam. And Elmasry in the past called author Irshad Manji, who also refuses to wear hijab, "anti-Islam", promoting the same attitude toward women who see Islam differently that seems to have led to this girl's death. But I don't blame Elmasry for trying. This comes at a time when him and his CIC are complaining that kafirs like Mark Steyn are endangering Muslims, but this incident shows the opposite: It's Muslims who are hurting Muslims in Canada. Has the opposite ever happened, has any Muslim in Canada ever been killed by the supposedly oppressive non-Muslim majority for their choice to wear the hijab?

And, from the same Canadian Press article, quoting Atiya Ahsan from the Canadian Council of Muslim Women: "If you know that your girl is good and she practises her faith, she's not hopping around in what we consider lewd behaviour, then for heaven's sakes you know, let the girl have a chance..." Another strange comment. I mean, is not what's being said here: If the opposite is the case, that she isn't practising Islam, then, don't let the girl have a chance?

Here's something else to think about; the dark irony in being throttled into wearing the hijab: If another girl was strangled by her father for this reason yet lived, and so was frightened into wearing the hijab, what do you think the chances of anyone else seeing the bruising around her neck when it is covered by the hijab? And I do suspect this is the case: This incident was found out because it went to death; I don't doubt that there are many more cases where children are abused into wearing the hijab which are never uncovered.

But then you have the addendum from these apologetics: "...
most Muslim women in this country wear the hijab as a result of their own choice..." But who is actually saying that Muslim women don't wear the hijab as a result of their own choice? The real question is why do they choose to wear it? Is undue pressure from their fathers, even violent pressure, a factor in that choice? I don't doubt it, as this very story illustrates. And indeed, there are schools in Canada that force girls to wear the hijab lest they be barred from attending. And many girls are sent to these schools by their parents: What possible recourse do they have then? And I add for good measure: I couldn't say the contrary, that there is even a single school in Canada that forces girls to not wear the hijab.


dag said...

An anecdote: I was sleeping on the roof behind the cistern when a peasant girl doing the laundry noticed me. I got up and made some tea, and while I was doing that the girl got somewhat... moving. She might have been sixteen, maybe fourteen. She kept glancing at me and then away, kind of flirting, and obviously so, embarrassing to a man at my age. The more I ignored her the more obvious her attempts to engage me. Finally, in a fit of desperation, she took off her hijab and fluffed up her hair and smiled at me, in that place among those people I was getting a marriage proposal. Aside from the age difference, language barrier, religious estrangement, and so on, a couple of serious things decided my against pursuing the offer further: ehen the girl uncovered her smiling face I immediately noticed with my
Sherlockean astuteness that she had two black eyes and her front teeth were all broken.

So maybe I'm fussy. Maybe I'm cranky. Yeah, I might even be a terrible bigot. But I had to break the poor girl's heart by getting the hell away from there before I beat the father to death.

Bar Kochba said...

Disgusting! This is the same belief that leads mothers to encourage their children to blow up.

mercy said...

Iam a new canadian and muslim as well.Iam completely dissappointed by the kind of bad news ,continiously flowing out of our muslim communities evrywhere.The death of this young girl is unforgivable.It is very interresting ,how some believers can turn into devils and even worse when they try to defend a religion that is anti-devel.Killings and sucide attempts are both unforgivable in Islam and then your own child? Religion core is mostly actions of mercy ,love ,compassion and how is the person usefull to humanity and to ALL humanbeings.To sumerise a whole religion into superficial details of how to dress is as well catastrophic.By bringing their families to live and settelle in the west any muslim knows in advance,that the community here is more open , free and people including children have their own choices.The "tradition" of compelling girls and women to cover in most of islamic countries,came up due to the unlawfull separation of sexes,thus the appearance of an uccovered woman among men is considered provocative to men.Please tell me how much is it "head-turning" to see an uncovered woman or a child like this poor girl? In a sea of women ang girls around evry where,it is just the veiled one is going to attract our attention.I advise evry muslim coming to live in the West,to leave his dogmatic,baseless type of thinking behind,and to try to adjust as much as possible to the new enviornment and live in harmony with others.If any one finds it difficult,then I strongly suggest tohim to stay THERE and many inocent lives would be saved.

dag said...

At the risk of being rude, the only person who can look at Islam and see the core of the religions as mostly actions of mercy, love, compassion, and the respect of personal worth of an individual to all of humanity and to all human beings, regardless of them being Muslim or Kufar, is one who brings such a view to Islam from oneself.

Murder and suicide are both unforgivable in Islam, up to a point. Mohammed claims Allah demands that every capable Muslim pursue world conquest in the name of Islam till there is no more religion other than Islam. To all but a believing Muslim, jihad is nothing more or less than murder. No one asks the Muslim world to enter into native lands and exterminate the local population who refuse to convert, or as is the case of India, to be enslaved and to forget their own culture under the destructive reign of Islamic slavery. Suicide? I can't recall the name off-hand of the companion who stood eating a handful of dates while listening to tales of Paradise, and upon finding the wonders of it threw himself into battle till he was killed. While that account of the early years of Islam might be motivational to Muslims, to the non-Muslim it is an account of suicide.

The "tradition" of compelling girls and women to cover in most Islamic countries.... I'm no expert but it seems to come from the Iranian warlords who descended into Iraq and India, bringing the custom of purdah with them and spreading it to local cultures. A veiled woman is a complete economic liability. She cannot do even basic housework. And thus, if one owns such creatures, one is definitely showing the world ones wealth by storing a sex-slave and baby-factory that produces no income and adds no value to the household. Only the rich can afford such a pretension. Outside the walls of the mansion, those who seclude women do so from ignorance and fanaticism based on ignorance. In Dar al-Islam the seclusion of women is a necessity that prevents women from being gang-raped. The pederast nature of Islamic societies is only a convenience to dabble in till there are women available for rape. In the West, where there is ample opportunity for rape, both public and domestic, i.e. one can find local girls to rape or one might retreat to home to rape ones wife, ("a tilth,") any taxi driver can afford, thanks to welfare payments and a quiescent dhimmi ruling class in subservience to the Muslim-- who might or might not bother raising the Western terror of guilt over supposed racism-- to have a secluded sex slave/ baby factory. No one will say a word from fear of being maligned as a racist or more recently as an "Islamophobe." Mulsim women, beware the Western dhimmis who betrays you.

A whole religion obsessed with superficial details of how to dress is catastrophic. The obsession comes from the nature of Islam itself: it is a "seventh Arabian century tribal code enflamed by ethnicity," as E. O. Wilson puts it. Because Mohammed is "the perfect man," the Hadiths and the Sira play a crucial role in Islam and the Shari'a. What Mohammed did is what all should do. Rather than investigate the nature of Man and the universe and Man's place therein and his purpose, Islam demands the minutest imitation of the trivial details of the behavior of the imagined life of Mohammed. This leads to "orthopraxy," as Malise Ruthven terms it, the obsession with right behavior rather than with morality or orthodoxy, i.e. right thinking. Islam is empty of value beyond the legalistic myopias of fiqh.

Few if any of us in the Western world would care at all what the Muslim does if it weren't fro the hostility of jihad and the threat of dawa by demographic onslaught. Not just the random terrorism of Ilsma agianst all people outside Dar al-Islam, but the encroachments of Islamic supremacists, the demands for jizya, the demands for payments presented in a condition of humiliation, the Muslim parasitism, those are the things that bring some of us to study the nature of Islam and to find it wanting in all regards.

What then are we left with in this meeting of Islam and the world at large? Some Muslims claim there is a war against Islam. Not so, unfortunately. Islam is a poligion, a political religion, a religious ideology of war and conquest and domination and slavery, the meaning of Islam itself. It is the ideology of Islam, the poligion, that we fight, and we fight it's adherents. This is not a struggle against Muslims but against Islam. Muslims cannot see the distinction because they are not religious in any meaningful sense: they are political instead. Unless and until Muslims can reform Ilsma into a person relgion divorced from jihad and Islamic supremacy, there will be no peace other than through the extermination of the ummah and the remaining few will exist at the world's pleasure in a sand diorama.

So, Mercy, in conclusion, it is nice to meet you, to know there are those who are not jihadis through and through, and who wish to be Canadians first, Muslims someplace down the line.


John said...

Mercy, welcome to Canada.

Anonymous said...

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Cần 1 cái tên - Thật là ngắn gọn!!! said...

And Elmasry in the past called author Irshad Manji, who also refuses to wear hijab, "anti-Islam", promoting the same attitude toward women who see Islam differently that seems to have led to this girl's death.
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Một cái tên - Phải thật là ngắn gọn thì mới dễ nhớ said...

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