Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blog Inauguration

Can-a-da - [kan-uh-duh]
1.a nation in N North America: a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. 29,123,194; 3,690,410 sq. mi. (9,558,160 sq. km). Capital: Ottawa.

Kaf-ir [kaf-er, key-fer, kah-]
–noun, plural -irs, (especially collectively) -ir.
2. (lowercase) Islam. an infidel or unbeliever.

So, as the name implies, this is, at the very least, a soapbox for
infidelity in Canada. I cannot have any pretensions as to what will transpire beyond this most timid outline of a modus operandi. I do suspect, though, there being collection of varied articles, analysis of these, and discussion of these, if not a more thorough laying out of an opposition to the growing anti-kafir, anti-secular, anti-reason movement of Political Islam, and against the wider policies which feed such extremism.

Welcome all!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for opening a Canadian dialogue on Islam in Canada. I am a 10th generation lumberjack, we have devolved, starting in Quebec in July, 1680, as soldiers, trappers, farmers, lumberjacks, priests, politicians, doctors and lawyers. We initially settled our issues the bare knuckle way and after much finger-wagging, learned to be nice.

That is our culture here, as I see it; we have learned, within certain limits, the meaning of respect. We value individual freedom with a healthy responsibility towards our neighbor; we believe that we can really choose.

As a benign anarchist, I believe as an individual that if I am compelled to obey no one, I will seek the common interest, but in a functioning society, we must have democracy and as our history shows us, neither paternalism nor dictatorship works.

As for Islam and its jihad, it's time we stopped being so damned polite.

John said...

I'm glad to see a Canadian source come online. Given the tendency of our MSM to dismiss the ongoing "accommodation" discussions in Quebec, it is clear we need other outlets to publicize those questions.

Kafir Canada said...

john and slocum:

I hope to make a larger post on the Quebecois debate, which may connect in to a discussion of the ideas of Charles Taylor, a major participant in that debate and related thinkers Talal Asad and (though he's not mentioned in this regard as much) Tariq Ramadan, because I have thoughts on this.

I just made a post on a smaller issue of accommodation at the University of Toronto, and how absurd it all really is.

Anonymous said...

The Government of Canada and the Agha Kahn (sp?) Foundation have plans for a multi-cultural centre in Ottawa to occupy the site of the old Canadian War Museum. It is located near the embassies of the USA and Saudi Arabia. What branch of Islam does this foundation stand for? How will this partnership enrich my culture? Trojan horse, or what?

Gabe said...


Cas said...

Any source that points out the inconsistances inherant in Multi-culturalism will help the anti-jihad. Unfortunately, there are MANY examples, through-out North America, of multi-culturalism dhimmis...WELCOME!

Anonymous said...

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