Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jean Charest The Sell Out

All you in Quebec are being a bunch of xenophobic, Islamophobic, racists -- that's what Jean Charest is trying to imply. He says the rest of the world in frowning on Quebec, "People in the rest of Canada, in the United States and in France are wondering what's going on in Quebec," which I sincerely doubt. In France they recently voted in Sarkozy largely for the same problem of erosion of culture from mass immigration that Quebec faces. The US has no mean share of voices demanding more assimilation from immigrants. And the rest of Canada, well I still don't think one of three is very good. But you won't be able to use this phrase "the rest of Canada" in relation to Quebec if Quebeckers' interests are continually unmet by a divergent Confederation.

But Charest doesn't really care about any of that, you can see the real reason he wants to oppose the popular movement in Quebec and keep high immigration: "...we need to open our doors to others because we're short of workers, because some of our regions are in a demographic decline, and because we're having fewer children." Money. It is much more profitable, rather than to raise-up native workers to keep your economy going, to just import them fully grown and primed for work from poor nations, and this is what Charest wants. ("Imagine if no one had kids! You'd be rid of that 17-26 years of complete unproductiveness from every citizen's life!" -- I'm sure this is what Charest thinks with glee). He doesn't care that following along this path leads to the eventual turning over of Quebec from the Quebecois.

Imagine someone offering you: "Money. And lots of it. But you have to become a totally different person to get it." Who would in their right mind take such an offer? What good is the money to you if the person who gets it is you only in name, and not in essence? The same for Quebec. Rather than create a stable society with a replacement birthrate, Charest would keep an unstable one with a high turn-over rate, like some sort of civilisational Wal-Mart. Profitable, cheap, and crap.

My suggestion to Quebec: sacrifice the money. It won't buy you a nation when that's been scattered to the winds of Islamic Expansionism.


Anonymous said...

It helps to try to think these issues through. Suggestion: read Jean Raspail's The Camp of the Saints.

ThoughtCriminal said...

Do not beleive Jean Charest.

"...we need to open our doors to others because we're short of workers, because some of our regions are in a demographic decline, and because we're having fewer children."

This is EXACTLY what the British government say ... and we have whole areas (Slough, Blackburn, East End of London) that are virtual no-go areas for indigenous Brits.

Our schools are being MADE to *diversify* and *embrace* other *cultures* ... Not Chinese, or Polish, or French ... just Islamic!

It's happening here; in your country, in America, in Australia ... we need to wake up!

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