Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Abdul Qayyum Jamal and Friends

As you may have heard, Abdul Qayyum Jamal, one of the members of the 17 people arrested in the 2006 terrorist plot in Ontario, was released on $100,000 bail yesterday.

At least one article mentioned his wife, Cheryfa Macaulay Jamal, running a blog about her husband and the case in general. Some people were asking as to where the blog is found, they not being able to find it themselves. It's right here.

The most exciting thing on there I found was just one conspiracy theory. "I’m beginning to see a bigger picture here" she says there.

And I'll answer this question Mrs. Jamal makes in that article: "And why is the CIA and the FBI in the middle of both cases, even though these cases are alleged to have taken place and alleged to have targeted only Canada and Britian?"

Perhaps this is because US intelligence agencies had information on the people involved? They monitor telecommunications to a far greater extent than Canadian or British intelligence agencies do, which explains why they would have the information at all. And they have no problem sharing that information with their allies.

This page quotes Mrs. Jamal saying:
It is your duty to defend your (community), jihad is the order of your creator to bring about peace, by the sword, not by using misplaced (verses found in the Qur�an) like �There is no compulsion in religion.� There is compulsion in stopping oppression. Allah has given you numerous examples and signs and commands to use violence to protect the oppressed.


Bar Kochba said...

WHow did Bin Laden and al-Qaeda get so confused about Islam? Its a religion of peace- accept it or else!

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