Monday, November 5, 2007

Special People

At No Dhimmitude, an example of dhimmitude. I have no idea what this preacher actually said, so I don't want to defend the program. But why was the program canceled? Not because of low quality, factual inaccuracies...only because there were "a lot of people who contacted us who were upset." A similar thing happened before with the same preacher:
A program in which Hagee played video of Muslim imams in both the United States and overseas preaching hatred and violence against Jews and Israel upset Muslims and resulted in complaints filed with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the equivalent of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, or FCC.

That action forced Hagee Ministries to pull the rest of the programs in that series. On another occasion, programs about Iraq also were pulled.

Could the current event be anything like this last one? A program pulled because Muslims don't like kafirs reporting what imams are actually saying?

This sort of special treatment has many other examples in Canada. For one, look at the foiled terrorist attack last year. When the 17 Southern Ontario men were arrested for plotting the terrorist attack, the Toronto Star, in what I take as an outright insult to the intelligences of Canadians, said that "it is difficult to find a common denominator" among the men, and the RCMP said that they "represent the broad strata of our community." Even though, every single one of them was a Muslim, who represent only a fraction of Canada's population. A very "broad strata" indeed.

Afterwards, the police reported taking "sensitivity training" before arresting the terrorists, and they learned about Islamic traditions. What special training do police receive when arresting followers of other traditions? As far as I know, none. To the police too then, Muslims are a special people.

But why do they receive this special treatment? Is it because they are respected so? Or because they are feared?

“The answer is of course, that it would be best to be both loved and feared. But since the two rarely come together, anyone compelled to choose will find greater security in being feared than in being loved.” - Machiavelli


Sounder said...

You know we must have had a polar tilt or something, did I miss it?

Good is now evil
Evil is now good
Truth is racist
True = False
Intolerance is tolerated
Fascism is good
Conservatives are facists
Free speech is hate speech
Majority is trumped by minorities
Defense is surrender
Christianity is evil
It's the evil Jooos
Israel must not fight back
To wise up, is racism
Head lobbing is to be protected, free whatever ...
Jihad must not be discussed, you intolerant bigot
I, Canadian citizen, am offensive
Our culture is worth sh*t

on and on and on

dag said...

Hi K.C.,

You're doing a bang-up job here. Nice to see.

Regarding James Hagee, he's an Evangelical minister based in San Antonio, Texas. He's unlikely to be sympathetic toward Islam, and he might be hostile over-all; but he's well regarded among main-stream Christians, which group I can't claim membership in. Mt point is that he's an ordinary American preacher in terms of today, and nothing he does is likely to raise eye-brows anywhere but on the Left and in dar al-Islam-- except among the dhimmi idiots in the West at the instigation of the jihadis who rule us here.

I can't write anything more about Hagee other than that he's mainstream, still not illegal in the West.

You and others who write such as this are now in the sights of the members of our intelligentsia, of those who control the media, and those who run our churches. They become more frantic daily as their position is exposed for the deceitful of failed ideologues, and because they are professionally and emotionally invested in it, they fight back in any way they can. They go after Hagee, they go after Robert Spencer, they'll come for you as well.

But, friend, the times they are a'changing. There's still a long way to go, years of restoration, years of repairing the damage done, and there is still the last battle to fight and win, the battle against the whole of the takfiri jihad and the general umma that will cling to its life to the bitter end. We might, as many suggest even face a civil war among our own before this episode in history is resolved. I'm optimistic about our chances of not merely winning but of winning well, of coming out of this struggle proud of our efforts and the good we do.

Bloggers, commentators, readers who sit and think and don't yet write their opinions in public, all of us together make this effort great and give hope to a future far better than that which we would otherwise face if it were left to our Gnostic elites alone.

Happy to see you at work here. My best regards.

Kafir Canada said...

Thanks dag,

But of course, it was you who I got the info from.

To add to what you say. Just look at Robert Spencer who you mention. He has had, I believe, two New York Times bestsellers (or it may be only one NYT bestseller, and a bestseller on some other list?).

But, even though he has told NYT that he is more than willing to do an interview or give them any information they please, they refuse to publish a review or anything else of his work.

It's really quite absurd; I would be embarrassed if I was an NYT editor. How can you have a guy making it on to your bestseller list and not be willing to write about him, when he is willing? It's because they don't want to admit the serious issues he is raising.

And Robert Spencer just calmly goes on his stoic way, pointing out this contradiction but never growing angry or resentful.

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