Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Born With Hijab

One Syed Soharwardy, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (why not drop the Islamic? Just, Supreme Council of Canada. I like that.) says that Safaa Menhem, who was pulled from a soccer game a while back because a headdress like the hijab was not allowed to be worn on the field, should not have been. The decision was racist, he says:
I don't buy it because a person could also pull a shirt and choke a person. This is not a safety issue. It is just a racist and discriminatory decision against Muslims
How could it be racist? Well, if hijab-wearers formed a race, maybe then? But no one is born with a hijab. Or if hijab-wearing was limited to some races? But this isn't true either, because people of all races wear hijabs. Or maybe if hijab-wearing was necessarily correlated with some races? But there is no necessary correlation: There could be any proportion of people of any number of races that could wear the hijab. So we are left with the claim that it is racist because, as a matter of accident, hijab-wearing is not currently correlated with all races indifferently. Pretty bizarre definition, unlike how racism is normally defined, I would say. But we can take it anyway. Here's something else:
Her rights should be respected -- this is her free choice.
So she has this right, but, then, where do the rights of the league to determine uniforms go? Did they not freely choose to define the uniform code as they did? Is the league not allowed to define what is an appropriate uniform for their soccer games? Really, everyone should be allowed to wear what they want, so this girl should be allowed to wear the hijab? But that's actually not what the Islamic groups are saying: Not everyone should be allowed to wear what they want, but rather, only hijab-wearers get this benefit. Out with the old rights, in the with the new, I guess. The new are looking more like they are defined by sharia everyday.

How does this sound: The soccer leagues allow anyone to wear the hijab, if Islamic organisations allow anyone to not wear the hijab. Surely, as per our working definition of racism, requiring someone to wear the hijab is a racist and discriminatory decision against kafirs! For some reason, I don't suspect these groups will go for this fair and equitable agreement, because they don't want fair and equitable.


Athos said...

Your principle of reciprocity bears transference to other arenas too. In areas of immigration, for example.

One may bring one's holy book and religious practices to our country without fear of discrimination and reprisal if, we may immigrate with our holy books and religious practices to, say, Saudi Arabia, without fear of discrimination and reprisal. Otherwise, sorry!

personalrep1 said...

Larry Houle
Islam is a barbaric, sexist, violent ideology (not a religion) that worships a pagan god (Allah) and women are oppressed under Islam. How could any woman be ‘proud’ to follow a man who was a pedophile, endorser of clitoridectomy, slave trader, rapist, polygamist, punched his child bride and endorsed whipping/beating women and ploughing them like fields, stoned women to death, flogged his slave women for fornication while he had sex with slaves himself, raped his slaves, propositioned women and passed them round to friends, denied women equal inheritance, or equality under the law etc forever and abused and denigrated them in every way--not to mention his general sadism to others, mass murder, amputations, beheading, flogging, thievery, pillaging, lying, megalomania---unending horror .
The hijab is symbolic of Islamic violence, control, threats and totalitarian political aspirations!
There is absolutely no reason why we should allow young girls, even toddlers to be covered with heads wrapped in 'hijabs' that they cannot remove! Such attire is child cruelty and discriminates against girls under Islam's gender apartheid attitudes which conflict with western attitudes of freedom and equality for girls and boys. Allowing hijabs on children masquerades as tolerance and religious freedom while the repulsive reasons for such attire and its implications and effects are never examined. Those who find this attire (on adults or children) offensive and symbolic of repression and totalitarianism are never allowed to speak! Freedom does not mean ‘do what you like’-hopefully we won’t let Muslim males marry/have sex with pre-pubescent children (if we manage to find out!) just because Islamic text, laws and Muhammad’s example say they can.
Islam teaches that women are evil and that the whole female is shameful and must cover herself to avoid being molested and to have some chance of entering paradise (though most women populate hell!!).
Women are polluting:

Koran sura 5.6 (repeated in sura 4.43 –re removing pollution before praying) And if ye are sick on a journey, or one of you cometh from the closet or ye have contact with women and ye find not water, then go to clean high ground and rub your faces and your hands with some of it

“When it's time to pray and you have just used the toilet or touched a woman, be sure to wash up. If you can't find any water, just rub some dirt on yourself. 5:6

Muhammad described women as "unclean" creatures. In a Hadith, Muhammad says, "Three things corrupt prayer: Women, dogs, and donkeys." There are several other sayings in which Muhammad reduced women to the level of an animal. "Woman is a vile beast," and "I think that women were created for nothing but evil."

"'The woman has two things to cover her: the grave and marriage.' It was asked, 'Which of them is better?' He (Muhammad) said, 'The grave.'”
Muslim Book 8, Number 3240: Jabir reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) saw a woman, and so he came to his wife, Zainab, as she was tanning a leather and had sexual intercourse with her. He then went to his Companions and told them: The woman advances and retires in the shape of a devil, so when one of you sees a woman, he should come to his wife, for that will repel what he feels in his heart.
And if he can't make it to his wife? Note the rape rates (65->80%) in Europe are due to Muslim (non-western) males! Rape is indeed about power and Muslim males have absolute power over their women and can beat those who disobey (or just throw them out!)….infidel women are ‘booty’ to Muslims males!

Sheeda said...

The word hijab translated into English is said to mean “veil” there is no exact translation. Therefore veil has several meanings, but it is not necessarily an article of clothing. It can be used to screen, to protect. As far as Islam goes it is a religion of peace-however people corrupt it as they do with other religions and they condemn things in which they do not bother to research or understand. Allah is translated as God, Creator, in English and Muslims, Christians, and Jews in other countries refer to God as Allah. As far as the prophets go none not one condoned cruelty or unjust behavior.

Anonymous said...

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